Welcome to '', where we'll be bringing you information about 'LSD: Revamped', the modern remake of the cult-classic 1998 PS1 game 'LSD: Dream Emulator'.

A person wanders through a dream world they have seen for the past 10 years, experiencing strange experiences, and witnessing strange landscapes. You will experience how these things change one after another.

The genre isn't adventure, it's not action, and it's not even an RPG. If I had to define a genre, it would be a "walking dream emulator".

Future Updates (Upcoming)

LSD: Revamped has four content updates planned. After these four updates, the game will be considered complete and will no longer be updated apart from critical bugfixes.

Update 1 (0.2)

  • Tweaks to player controller to be more faithful (speed, head bob etc.)
  • Interactable objects
  • Lua scripting API in preparation for mod support
  • Developer console

Update 2 (0.3)

  • Enhanced music
  • Virtual reality support
  • Discord rich presence
  • Sun and clouds
  • Glitch texture set
  • Modding tools

Update 3 (1.0)

  • Water animation
  • Small details to remain faithful to original
  • Accurate footstep sounds
  • Flashbacks
  • Text dreams
  • Video dreams
  • Completion on Day 365

Update 4 (1.1)

This stuff is very liable to change, is experimental, and will be extra bonuses if I get to them.

  • Dithering shader
  • Color quantising shader
  • Composite video shader
  • Text dream translations
  • Procedurally generated dreams mode


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